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Team Building

May '17

Time to Take a Different Approach to Team Building?

Type ‘benefits of team building’ into any search engine and you’ll pretty much get the same results whatever website you look at. Team building helps to:

  • Improve morale
  • Increase productivity
  • Better communication
  • Increase creativity and innovation

And indeed it does. But what kind of activities actually deliver these results?

It’s about connection

Team building is more than taking your staff offsite for the day to take part in structured exercises and a buffet lunch, it’s about connection. Getting to know the people you work with so you can understand each other better, and work together to achieve your company goals and targets is more likely to happen when everyone is relaxed, and have the time and space to talk to each other.

Formal or informal?

Think about the work events you’ve attended. Did you ever really get to know someone sat in a room learning about personality types? You may have worked out that John from accounts annoyed the bejesus out of you whenever he opened his mouth because he is an ISTJ whereas you’re an ENFP. But I bet you my left sock that when you and John did bond it was over a post-course beer, where you chatted about your mutual love for old motorbikes and the AC/DC album ‘Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap’.

Getting the balance right

Ok so I’m not saying you should ditch all planned team building exercises in favour of a trip to the pub to get on the Jager bombs, as tempting as that may be. A combination of things such as a business update (everyone always wants more information, no matter how many update emails you send out, or how snazzy your internet site is), a teamwork exercise, and an activity where people can relax and chat to each other informally can help you get great results and have a positive impact on your business.

How can Tee It Up help?

Tee it Up can provide you with a space to deliver team building to your staff in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, which promotes connection and collaboration. We’re a little bit different from your ‘usual’ venue, but thinking outside the box and providing your staff with a team building experience they won’t forget in a hurry has got to be a good thing right?

We can supply you with:

  • An area where you can give presentations or carry out team exercises or training
  • A variety of food menus to choose from
  • Team games for all levels of golfing experience
  • Use of golf clubs, balls and tees
  • Tips and coaching from our PGA professional & support from our other staff
  • A fully stocked bar

Fancy a free taster session to see the set-up and how it might work as a team building venue for your business? Just give us a call on 02920 489 768 and we’ll book you and up to three colleagues in for an hour on one of the sims.

tee it up golf
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