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Terms & Conditions

Information on our website

While we will make every effort to make sure the information on our website is accurate and up to date, we’re only human and sometimes we may make a mistake. We’re very sorry if we do. If you’re unsure about anything to do with your booking, call us on 02920 489 768 and we’ll talk you through everything. As the owners of this delightful website, we may change or remove stuff from it whenever it takes our fancy.

Booking with us

We love bookings. We love the people who make bookings. What we don’t love is people who don’t turn up after making a booking. We’re not going to be mad at you if you need to cancel, you might be getting it in the neck from the missus and HAVE to go shopping with her for your mother-in-law’s birthday present, or your golfer’s elbow might have flared up again. We’d mightily appreciate it if you let us know, so we can let someone else have your slot on the sim. If you don’t tell us, next time you try and book online, our booking system might not let you (it’s harsh like that).

Is there anything you need to tell us?

It would be good if you tell us when you book if anyone in your group has any medical issues or disabilities we need to know about.


If we do change the price of using our golfing facilities (upwards that is), you will only be charged the price shown on our website/told to you over the phone at the time you booked. As we’re lovely people, if we decide to put on a special offer as we do from time to time, and the price drops, we’ll only charge you the special offer price. See, I told you we are lovely.

Drinking and playing

Whilst we do have quite a marvellous compact and bijoux bar, with a fine selection of beverages for you to sample, it’s not a good idea to get trollied and try to play golf. If you do appear to be drunker than a new mother on her first night out post-baby, unfortunately we will have to ask you to leave, after you’ve paid your bill of course. You can always come back once you’ve sobered up though.

Being nice to our fabulous staff and customers

We all have a bad day now and then, like when we find out our favourite comedian has died or that Cliff Richard has the Christmas no. 1 again. However, if you or anyone who comes to Tee It Up with you behaves badly (including being abusive, violent or downright scary), I’m afraid you will be asked to leave and never darken our doorway again.

Copyright and legal type stuff

Please don’t nick any of the images/wording from our website. We either paid for them or spent hours sweating over whether the words sounded right/were spelt correctly/formed coherent sentences that everyone could understand. They are ours, all ours ok. In particular, please don’t use our logo without asking us first. Coming up with that logo was more painful than picking a name for my first-born son. And while we’re at it, the Tee It Up team won’t be liable for any damages arising from using/not being able to use our site.

What we do with the information you give us

The last thing you want when you go on a website is to end up with a load of spammy emails from companies you’ve never heard of trying to sell you socks from China, or sexy golf jumpers from Sweden. If you do get these kind of emails, it won’t be because we gave away your data, we can promise you that. We don’t do anything dodgy like flog or pass on your email address to any third parties (apart from Trip Advisor who will send you an email asking you to review our spiffing establishment). We will however, send you fabulously interesting emails about stuff that’s going on at Tee It Up, and if you don’t want to hear about the amazing happenings down here in Cardiff Bay, just email info@teeitupgolf.co.uk and we’ll make sure you don’t get anymore. Personally, we think you’d be mad to take such action, but hey, ho, each to their own. And the details you give us when you make a booking, like your name and phone number, they’re safe as houses too. We’ll only use them for anything booking related, for example if a tsunami hits the Bay and wipes out our building, we’ll give you a call to let you know we’re out of action for a bit.

Bringing your own clubs

While you’re more than welcome to bring your own clubs to use, if anything happens to them while they’re here, we won’t be held liable for any loss/damage, the responsibility for them is all yours. The same goes for anything else you bring with you, for example coats, wallets and small children.

Bringing your own or someone else’s children

We are very family friendly down here at Tee It Up, we’ve even got a changing table in the disabled loo should you need to use it. However, you need to look after any kids you bring along with you, we’re only responsible for our own, although we have been known to entertain a small child or two while their parents are taking an important shot on the sims.

Oh dear you’ve broken something

By booking with us, you bear the responsibility for any loss or damage you or anyone accompanying you may cause. We’re not ogres though, if something happens accidentally, we’ll get our insurance to cover it. However, if you go all Michael Douglas in ‘Falling Down’ on us after a bad shot, and smash up our equipment with a nine iron, you will be asked to part with your hard earned cashola to cover the cost of your irrational behaviour. We may also suggest you attend anger management classes to help you deal with your golfing disappointments.

Parties and corporate events

We love a good party/event here at Tee It Up, in fact we positively thrive on them so feel free to book one with us whenever you like. We can provide food and drink, and an almost carnival like atmosphere should you want one. We will however ask for 50% of the cost at the time of booking, and 50% 48 hours before your event. The first 50% is non-refundable but if you need to cancel, if it’s prior to 48 hours before your event, we won’t charge you the other 50%. If you cancel within 48 hours of it though, we’ll be keeping your money.

Gift vouchers

Yes, we have them! In £25, £50 and £75 values. You can use them to pay for pretty much anything we offer here at Tee It Up – the sims, some tapas or your massive bar tab. Oh and much more serious stuff like golfing equipment and lessons. You’ll have to give us a ring or pop down to the centre to buy them, as we don’t sell them online. They’re valid for a year, can’t be exchanged for cash and there won’t be any change coming your way should you not use the full value of the voucher (although if you’re nice to us, we may keep a note of what you’ve got left and let you use it next time you visit our fine establishment).


We have these too! And what great value they are. They last one whole calendar year, and don’t worry, we’ll send you a reminder when it’s time to renew yours. Once you’ve bought one though, sorry but we won’t be giving you your money back if you change your mind.

Not happy?

Well how is this possible?! Surely there must be some mistake? If something gets your goat, just tell one of the team and we’ll do our best to sort out whatever is causing you distress. As long as it’s Tee It Up related of course. We can’t do anything about a bad boss or a cheating partner, although we will offer a shoulder to cry on and a sympathetic ear.

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